Illustrations for "Taboos" a fanzine printed by La Puerta de la Cabeza, a cultural space and design studio located in Zamora, Spain.
Text by the mastermind of tech innovations and new digital trends Darío Rodriguez, senior brand strategist at VCCP Spain.

Available early 2017

What is love anyway_1.jpg
What is love anyway_2.jpg

Maybe our biggest problem is that we don't really know when it happened.
Which was the turning point where we decided that conectivity should replace real connections.
When we decided to change reality for platforms.
Glances for screens. Words for texts.
When we thought that stories should give way to timelines.
Which day the "Stay a little longer" became in a crazy run looking for
your charger in the middle of the night.
Maybe we should set a date. Establish the exact day when passion vanished after discredit, honesty stepped aside for cynism, and love was replace by games behind a screen.
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